uhh so it seems like this tumblr app is fuckin broke as hell and not posting shit. But to answer that one ask I just got, im performing here so I got me one of them special badges.

blossomoranges asked:
Why do people keep stealing your gifs? They NEED to give you some fudgin' credit, so I keep reblogging them with your source. Hope you're doing okay~ :)

woah wait. i never check the pokemon hashtag anymore, mainly because im not on really, but lol. thank YOU for citing and reblogging from me though! you are an official friend of PokemonCap. take note everyone

all-my-friends-are-still-dead asked:
i aint never citing you! just kidding only want your attention. i hope you upload pix from pax.

yoooo ima upload a bunch of pics. if i remember to take some that is. idk might b too drunk 2 remember

Anonymous asked:
I noticed in one of your answers to an anon that things have been pretty shitty for you. I just wanted to say that things DO get better. Maybe it'll make you feel better if you made a new gif... or eight?(; But forreal doe, feel better, sweetness!

ayy, you are a tru friend. Thanks for the kind words and wishes. Slowly gettin there i think. <3